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美国小学纪实科普类阅读教材 Nonfiction Readers(幼儿园、小学1-6年级文学阅读)

美国小学纪实科普类阅读教材 Nonfiction Readers(幼儿园、小学1-6年级文学阅读)

美国小学纪实科普类阅读教材 Non-fiction Readers,GK-G6全7个级别共279册,每个级别有30~40册左右,PDF高清彩页可打印,资源总大小471M,百度云网盘下载,适合7-12岁的儿童使用。


美国小学纪实科普类阅读教材 Nonfiction Readers(幼儿园、小学1-6年级文学阅读)

Nonfiction Readers – Grade K(全30册)
A Bear Needs a Place to Climb
A Cat at School
A Tree for All Seasons
A Trip Across the Country
A Walk in My Woods
At Work
Flags Everywhere!
Follow the Leader!
Fun and Games – Then and Now
George Washington
Heat and Eat!
I Am Water
I Can Hop – Can You
I Can See
I Can Take Care of the Earth
Maria Tallchief
Mouses Meadow
My Five Senses
Our Home Is the Pond
Rocks, Rocks, Rocks!
Save Our Tree
School Days – Long Ago and Today
Sounds All Around
Sun Up, Sun Down
The Sky at Night
What Is It Made Of
What Season Is It
What Will I Be
When They Were Little Like Me

Nonfiction Readers – Grade 1(全34册)
7 Uses of Air
A Job for You
A Trip to the Zoo
A Visit to the Statue of Liberty
Antonia Novello – Doctor for the Nation
Clara Barton
Desert Life
Dont Let the Cat Out!
Find the Prize!
From the Mountain to the Ocean
Harriet Tubman – A Woman of Courage
Helping Out
Its Too Loud!
Living Things
Louis Braille
Making Dessert
Making It Go
Marjory Stoneman Douglas
Measuring Weather
Meet a Community Helper
Meet Johnny Appleseed
My First Snow
Night Lights
People Parts
Sink or Float
Springtime on the Farm
Sylvia Earle – First Lady of the Sea
The Venus Flytrap
Time to Sleep
We Can Recycle
What Makes a Garden Grow

Nonfiction Readers – Grade 2(全41册)
7 Ways to Get Energy
A Trip on the Erie Canal
A Worms Home
Are They Look-Alikes
Cherry Blossoms Everywhere
Down by the Stream
Ellis Island
Finding a Woolly Mammoth
Going to the Races
Hide and Seek
How Does This Sound
I Saw the Boston Tea Party
It Must Be Clay
Jack Horner – Dinosaur Hunter
Jaime Escalante – A Great Teacher
John H. Johnson – Business Leader
Land and Water
Louis Agassiz Fuertes – Painter of Birds
Magnet Games
Magnet Time
Maria Mitchell
Marvelous Mammals
Moving Day
Mystery Coin
One Birthday, Two Traditions
Push or Pull
River Otter
Sojourner Truth – Speaker for Equal Rights
Star Gazing in Our Solar System
Susan B Anthony – Fighter for Womens Rights
The Code That No One Broke
The Life of a Bean
The World in Your Kitchen
Welcome to the White House
What Does a Governor Do
Whats a Kazoo
Whats This Matter
When I Visit My Cousin
Windy Ways
Winslow Homer – American Painter
Ynes Mexia – Plant Collector

Nonfiction Readers – Grade 3(全42册)
15 Facts About the Solar System
A Hungry Red Hawk
A Visit to a Planetarium
Amazing Adaptations
Animals of the Past
Anne Bradstreet
Cesar Chavez
Fishing Family
Follow Me, Be a Bee
Forced Out
Happy New Year!
Hindu Holidays
How We Vote
I Am an Entrepreneur
In the Bank
Invisible Ink
Kitchen Science
Madame C J Walker
Miles on the Mississippi
Mt St Helens
Now You See It, Now You Dont
On the Beams
Prisms and Rainbows
Rachel Carson – Scientist and Writer
Robbie Hood – Hurricane Hunter
San Francisco – Then and Now
Seeing With Heat
Shadow Shows
Still Standing
The Animal Trackers
The Ladybug and the Legislature
The Man in the Moon and Other Moon Tales
The Mystery of the Blue Box
The Pony Express
Thomas Edison and the Light Bulb
Thomas Jefferson
Weather Alert!
When Children Worked

Nonfiction Readers – Grade 4(全42册)
15 Facts About Atoms
A Better Life
Admiral Perry
Amazing Skyscrapers
Bringing Up Baby Chimp
Cave Creatures
Charles Drew and the Blood Banks
Cornfield Energy
Eliza Pinckney
Famous Rocks
Flash Flood!
Frank Lloyd Wright
Galileo Galilei, Astronomer
How Did the Lights Go Out
How Peanuts Enrich the Soil
I Can Measure an Elephant
Lights On!
Mary Anning –  Fossil Hunter
New Englands Whales
Pedros Pigeon Comes Home
Riding a MagLev Train
Roll On, Columbia
Rube Goldbergs Machines
Sandra Day OConnor
Southern Sounds
Space Animals
The Bill of Rights
The End of the Ice Age
The Mojave Desert
The Mound Builders
The St Lawrence Seaway
The Story of Charles Goodyear
The Story of Iggy the Igneous Rock
Training for the Olympics
Wangari Maathai – Planting Trees for the Future
What Grows There
William Penn

Nonfiction Readers – Grade 5(全56册)
15 Facts About Stars
A Drop of Water
A Tall Tale to Tell
A Walk With John Muir
Angel Island and the Land of Promise
Barbara McClintock
Citizens of the World
Clean and Clear
Common Compounds on Earth
Daughters of Liberty
El Nino
Elements in Your Body
Father Eusebio Francisco Kino
First Families – The Roosevelts
Flatboat Mondays
Fur Traders of New France
George Washington Carver
Global Energy
Going West – Trials and Trade-Offs
I Care – American Reformers
Its in the Air
John Paul Jones and the Battle at Sea
Life on the Serengeti
Maple Sugaring
Marie Curie
Marvelous Metals
Mighty Ironclads and Other Amazements
Mish Michaels, Weather Forecaster
Niagara Falls – The Power of Water
On Board the Santa Maria
Peter Salem – Hero of the Revolution
San Francisco Shakes
School Days in 1700
Space Wardrobe
The Amazing Amoeba
The Navajo Code Talkers
The Wright Brothers, First Flyers
Through the Cell Wall
Tornado Chasers
Tracing the Anasazi
Turn Up the Radio
Wake Up, Young Soldier
Whale! Nantucket Whaling Days
What Does an Electrician Do
What Is the Media
What Shall Workers Do
Where Does Drinking Water Come From
Who Was Poor Richard – Colonials to Remember
William Harvey – A New Kind of Scientist
Wind and Water – Two Great Powers
Wind, Water, and Ice
Women in the Vietnam War
Women Writers – Voices from the 1800s

Nonfiction Readers – Grade 6(全34册)
A Mixed-Up Mystery
Acid Rain
Along the Nile
Biodiversity Hotspots
Bison and Native Americans
Californias Pygmy Forest
Climbing High
Conserving Fossil Fuels
Crime Scene Clues
Crying Wolf
Einstein, Father of Physics
Elijah McCoy
High Tide
How Does a Hybrid Car Work
In the Eye of a Hurricane
Is Earth Getting Warmer or Colder
Kalpana Chawla, Astronaut
Keiiti Aki and the Southern California Earthquake Center
Prairie Dogs and Black-Footed Ferrets
Recycling Plastic
Starting a Rock Collection
Stuck in the Tar Pits
The Hawaiian Islands
The Physics of Flying
The Solar-Powered Home
The Story of Sue – T.Rex
To the Center of Earth
Total Eclipse of the Sun
Volcano – Pompeii
Waves and Rays
What Are Cars Made Of
Why Are You Here
Why Does It Work
Women Pioneers in Medicine

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